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Aam Panna Recipe: Drink mango juice in summers, it will cool down in the body

Aam Ka Panna Recipe: As soon as the summer season comes, Aam Panna starts to be remembered. Mangoes are seen in the market only in the summer season. Although many types of recipes are prepared from mango, but the taste of mango panna, which is very beneficial for health, transports us to a different world. In the midst of scorching heat, having mangoes not only cools the body, but mango juice also helps to avoid heatstroke. Be it adults or children, everyone likes the taste of mangoes. This recipe is also very easy to make.
The method of making mango panna is very simple and it gets ready in less time. If you also like mango panna and want to make delicious panna at home, then you can follow our simple recipe.

Ingredients for Mango Pana
Raw Mangoes (Carrie) – 4
Roasted cumin powder – 2 tsp
Jaggery/sugar – 6 tbsp
Black salt – 3 tsp
Mint leaves – 1 tbsp
Salt – as per taste

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Mango Pana Recipe
To make Mango Pana, first take raw mangoes and wash them thoroughly. After this, put the mangoes in a pressure cooker and keep them to boil. When 4 whistles come in the cooker, then turn off the gas and leave the cooker to cool down. After the pressure of the cooker is released, open the lid and take out the mangoes from the water. When the mangoes become cold, take off their skin and take out the mango pulp in a vessel and separate the kernels.

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Now mash the mango pulp well with the help of hands and add finely chopped mint leaves, grated jaggery or sugar, cumin powder, black pepper, black salt and salt as per taste. Mix all well. Now put this prepared mixture in the mixer and add water according to the need and run the mixer. In this way your delicious mango panna is ready. Serve it with ice cubes.

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