Anushka Sharma Gushes Over This Delicious Assamese Lunch, Says “It Was Divine”

Anushka Sharma is a passionate foodie and someone who can’t help but share her indulgences online. From gorging on the classic South Indian dishes to Bengali comfort meals, we have seen her enjoying it all thoroughly. She often shares glimpses of her culinary adventures on social media and makes us hungry each time. And her latest foodie trail includes another authentic cuisine from the North East. Anushka shared a sneak peek into her gastronomic adventure on Sunday and we couldn’t help but slurp. Her Instagram Stories showed us a wholesome and delicious Assamese lunch that she relished.

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Anushka’s meal platter featured yummy dal cooked with herbs and spices poured over white steamed rice. Alongside, there’s a dry curry – spiny gourd stir fry and pitika (boiled raw bananas). Mashed raw banana or kaskol pitika is a common side dish in authentic Assamese lunch scenes. Anushka’s delectable platter also showcased a preparation of beetroot and a blob of pickle on the side.

For the caption, she wrote, “This Assamese lunch was divine, to say the least,” and added a folded hands emoji and a heart. She also tagged Gitika PakGhor and gave her the credits for the food. Anushka tagged Dhruv Sehgal and thanked him for the recommendation.

Gitika PakGhor shared a screenshot of Anushka Sharma’s Stories that showed the same platter. In the caption, Gitika stated, “When the call came yesterday, little did I imagine that it’ll be from Anushka Sharma’s home to prepare for her family lunch + guest today.”

She then added, “A few messages were exchanged with her team to decide on the menu and there we are what you see on her plate today.”

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Gitika further wrote, “she surprised us by sharing it with her Instagram family and a repeat menu for tomorrow, really!!! Pinching myself to believe this.”

If you wish to try out some popular dishes from Assam, here are some easy recipes that will help you out.

1) Luchi

Usually prepared during Durga pooja celebration, luchi is quite famous in the states of Assam, West Bengal and Orissa. It’s a kind of deep-fried flatbread – soft and fluffy. It is best enjoyed with a range of curries.

2) Labra mix veg

This is a delightful mix of vegetables cooked together with a bunch of spices. So, the specialty of this dish lies with the five (Panch Phoran) spices like mustard seeds, fennel, cumin, nigella (kalaunji) and fenugreek put together into the dish to enhance its overall taste.

3) Pumpkin Oambal

Pumpkin oambal is a traditional Assamese style of cooking pumpkin with spices. The dish carries the sweet and tangy flavors of jaggery and tamarind respectively and this part of it makes it unique. Make pumpkin oambal today and it would serve as a perfect side dish to your meal.

4) Olive gur chutney

Olives are extensively used in Assamese cuisine. The olive gur chutney not only tastes amazing but also amps up your meal. Also, the usage of honey and gur in the preparation of the chutney adds different flavors to it.

5) Patishapta

This dish is commonly found in Assam, Bengal and Bangladesh. It’s a traditional pancake prepared with milk, flour, sugar and semolina. The filling is made using coconut, jaggery and cardamom.

Do try out these amazing dishes and enjoy them with your family.

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