Are you following a special diet to lose weight? These 4 low-carb keto rotis can be included in the diet

Low Carb Keto Rotis: What do people do to lose weight? From sweating in the gym to making a lot of changes in food. Sometimes its results are positive.
Many times, despite many efforts, nothing is found. To lose weight, most people follow a keto diet, in which low-carbohydrate things are included in their diet.
is included in the meal. Wheat bread contains a lot of carbohydrates. In such a situation, apart from wheat roti, today we will tell you about some other types of rotis which you can easily include in your weight loss diet. Not only will this change your taste, but they can also prove to be very effective in terms of your health.

Try these 4 low-carb rotis

1. Coconut Flour Roti: Low-carbohydrate flour is in great demand among people opting for a low-carb diet. The first name in this was Coconut Floor (Coconut
of flour). The specialty of this roti is that it can be eaten with any Indian dish and the coconut present in it adds a different kind of flavor to the roti. To make it, one-fifth part of Isabgol husk is also mixed in coconut flour. Add a little ghee to it and knead the dough with hot water.

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2. Masala Roti: If you have been fond of eating spicy food, then you may feel difficulty in coming straight to the keto diet. If you feel unreasonable in eating plain keto roti
You can prepare masala roti instead. To make this, red chili powder, garam masala and a little cumin can be mixed in almond flour as per taste. Coriander leaves can also be chopped and put in it.

3. Almond Flour Roti: Almonds are very beneficial for our body and are eaten by almost all people in the form of dry fruits. But do you know that almond flour can also be used as a low carb keto flour. To make this, 4 tablespoons of isabgol husk is mixed in 6 cups of almond flour. After adding a tablespoon of oil, the dough is kneaded by adding water little by little.

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4. Cauliflower Roti: It is not always that flour is needed to make low-carb roti. You can also use grated cauliflower for this. To make cauliflower rotis, mix 2 tbsp isabgol husk in 4 cups grated cauliflower and add finely chopped green chillies and salt as per taste. After that knead it. The rotis made from it are very beneficial.

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