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Cook Chole without pressure cooker with the help of these tips

Cooking hacks: Chole is made on many special occasions in Indian homes. Now whether these chickpeas can be eaten with rice or with puri. On the other hand, the fun of chole with bhature is something else. Some people like to eat chole with plain paratha or naan as well. Many types of recipes are made from chickpeas. People’s mouth waters as soon as they take the name of chickpeas. Chole is considered beneficial not only in terms of taste but also in terms of health. However, many times a big problem arises with chickpeas and that is that the chickpeas do not cook well. It becomes more difficult when there is no pressure cooker at home.

If the same problem happens to you as well, then don’t worry. We will tell you about some such easy hacks, with the help of which you can easily cook Chole well without a cooker. Let us tell you that to make any dish, first of all, chickpeas are boiled well. If the chickpeas are not cooked properly then the taste of the dish may get spoiled. Not only this, consumption of raw chickpeas can also cause stomach related problems. Let us tell you how you can easily cook Chole at home without pressure cooker.

easy home remedies to cook chickpeas

foil paper
Aluminum foil can be used to boil chickpeas or rajma. There is a special way to use it. For this, first place the chickpeas in a vessel with water on the gas. As soon as it boils, cover it well with foil paper and cover it with something on top. With this, Chole will be cooked exactly like a pressure cooker.

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You can easily cook Chole with the help of steamer too. Although it does take a little more time. With the help of steamer, chickpeas can be cooked well in steam, after which you can prepare the recipe of your choice.

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dum style
If you want to make chole more tasty then you can cook it in dum style. It will take more time but the taste will be strong. To cook chickpeas in dum style, you have to cover and cook the chickpeas in low flame for a long time.

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