Dining Of The Future: Adorable Cat Robot Serves Sushi At This Restaurant

The world of restaurants and dining out has transformed enormously in the post-pandemic era. We have seen how eateries are enforcing social distancing and contactless dining in their own unique way. The idea of ​​having an automated server is no longer an alien or foreign concept and is slowly becoming a reality. So many restaurants are hiring robot waiters or inventing apps that can be operated without the need for human staff. And now, a restaurant in Ottawa, Canada has come up with an adorable cat robot that serves Sushi and more in the most intriguing way possible. Take a look:

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Hockey Sushi is the name of the restaurant located in the West End of the Canadian capital city. You can easily find a variety of Japanese rolls, Sushi and some Chinese delights as well on their menu. You would need to make a reservation prior to your visit and can even book an all-you-can-eat offer from their menu.

Once you place your order through a tablet, the robot server named Bella will bring it to your table. She can carry multiple plates for different restaurant tables and follows a set path based on the restaurant’s setup. The adorable robot with a cat-like appearance even smiles and announces your order, according to NarCity, Once you press ‘Finish’ it goes away to complete the next order.

Internet users loved the idea of ​​the cat robot serving delicious Sushi with a smile. “Getting served by a robot is so much fun! The kids absolutely loved that! Is that the future,” wrote one user. Another one thought that this was a great way to get rid of extra tips to waiters. “Say bye-bye to service charge now,” said a user.

What did you think of the adorable cat robot serving Sushi? Tell us in the comments.

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