Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipe: Dragon Fruit Smoothie will drive the heat away, make this in 10 minutes

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipe: To keep the body healthy, fruit salad is given. Especially seasonal fruits are very beneficial in terms of health. You must have tasted many fruit smoothies as well, but today we are going to tell you the recipe made from dragon fruit.
Smoothie recipe. Dragon fruit is very much liked in summer. This is a very beneficial fruit. The smoothie made from it is not only tasty but also very beneficial for health. If you like to drink smoothies, then you can taste dragon fruit smoothie anytime. By making and drinking dragon fruit smoothie in the morning, energy will remain in the body throughout the day.

It is very easy to make dragon smoothie and it is ready in few minutes. Apart from dragon fruit, vanilla ice cream is also used to make it. Children especially like this smoothie.

Ingredients for Dragon Fruit Smoothie
dragon fruit – 1
Milk – 1/2 cup
Vanilla ice cream – 5 tbsp
Vanilla essence – 2 tsp
Sugar – as per taste
Mint leaves – 4-5
Ice cubes – 4-5

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How to make Dragon Fruit Smoothie
To make dragon fruit smoothie, first take this fruit and cut it into two parts. After this, take out the soft part (pulp) inside it in a bowl and cut it into small pieces. Now put the pieces of dragon fruit in the mixer and add sugar vanilla ice cream, vanilla essence, milk and ice cubes according to taste and grind it by covering the jar.

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After grinding three or four times, the whole mixture will be finely ground. In this way your dragon fruit smoothie is ready. If you want to drink it cold, then take out the smoothie in a vessel and keep it in the fridge for some time. Before drinking, pour the smoothie in the serving glass and garnish it with mint leaves and small pieces of dragon fruit and serve with a straw.

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