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Drink rose syrup in summer, you will get rid of heat and stress

In the summer season, people consume different drinks to keep the body cool. While many people get relief from the heat by drinking cold drinks and Rooh Afza in summers, some people prefer to take healthy liquids even in the midst of rising mercury. In such a situation, if you are also included in the same category, then rose syrup can be the best option for you. Rosehip syrup reduces the effect of heat by keeping the body cool. In addition, it is also beneficial for health.

Rose flower is the favorite of almost everyone. But, you will be surprised to know that the rose, which tells the condition of the heart, can also become the secret of your health in summer. Yes, you can beat the heat by making homemade syrup made from the soft petals of desi rose flowers as a part of your diet. Let us know about the method of making rose syrup and its benefits.

How to make rose syrup
To make rose syrup, first break the flowers of the indigenous rose. Break the petals of the flower separately and wash it thoroughly, so that the layer of dust accumulated on it is cleaned. Now grind these petals by adding little water. After the paste of petals is ready, mix it with cold water, sugar, sabja seeds (sweet basil) and lemon juice and consume it. Let us know some of the benefits of rose syrup.

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helpful in relieving stress
Drinking rose syrup helps to keep the mind and mind calm. Rosehip syrup lowers the anxiety level of the body, thereby reducing the stress level.

Digestive system will remain strong
A lot of fiber is found in rose flowers. In such a situation, drinking rose syrup strengthens the digestive system, which makes it easier to digest food. Drinking rose syrup regularly provides relief from stomach ache, constipation and acidity.

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heat recovery
The effect of rose flowers is cold and cool. Therefore, consumption of rose syrup in summer is helpful in keeping the body cool and safe from harsh sunlight and deadly heat.

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