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Equity Mutual Funds see net inflow of Rs 18,529.43 cr in May, Rs 32,722.25 cr net outflow in debt schemes; Overnight Funds emerge winner

Growth or equity oriented schemes witnessed a net inflow of Rs 18,529.43 cr in May, with Flexi Cap funds emerging as the winner among its other peers in this segment. This segment contributed Rs 2,938.93 cr during the month. It was followed by Large Cap funds which accounted for Rs 2,485.37 cr.

The other top contributors were Large & Mid Cap Funds and Sectoral or Thematic Funds, which saw inflows of Rs 2,413.51 cr or Rs 2,291.80 cr respectively.

The net Asset Under Management (AUM) for May 2022 stood at Rs 13,31,545.93 cr. This

The above data was published by Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) on Thursday.

Funds mobilized for this month stood at Rs 31,619.32 cr while repurchase or redemption stood at Rs 13,089.88 cr.

The above data is corresponding to 366 equity oriented funds, the AMFI data said.

Meanwhile, income or debt oriented schemes saw net outflow of Rs 32,722.25 cr in May. Money Market Fund was the worst performer with net outflows standing at Rs 14,598.65 cr. The other laggards were, Short Duration Fund, Ultra Short Duration Fund and Low Duration Fund which saw net outflows of Rs 8,603.03 cr, Rs 7,104.96 cr and Rs 6,716.30 cr.

The outliers were Overnight Fund, Liquid Fund, Gilt Fund and Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration.

Overnight Fund witnessed net inflows of Rs 15,070.89 cr during May. As for the others, net inflows stood at Rs 1,776.88 cr, Rs 175.65 cr and Rs 447.32 cr respectively.

The data is with respect to 312 income or debt oriented schemes.

Gold FTFs (Exchange Traded Funds) witnessed net inflows of Rs 203.39 cr taking the net AUM to Rs 20,261.99 cr as on 31 May 2022.

All the above data is pertaining to open ended schemes.

Open-ended fund or scheme do not have a fixed maturity period and is available for subscription and repurchase on a continuous basis. Investors can conveniently buy and sell units at Net Asset Value (NAV) related prices which are declared on a daily basis.

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