Follow some easy tips, from kheer to lentil rice, everything will be delicious

In today’s time, be it women or men, both support each other with great enthusiasm. Whether it is office or any work at home. It becomes very difficult to work without each other’s cooperation. Many times it is seen that many responsibilities of the house fall on the woman alone. In today’s article, we are going to tell some such hacks which can prove to be very effective for you. By adopting these, you can make kheer, rice and dal quickly as well as delicious.

Let’s know the tips to cook very fast and very good food in very less time.

follow these methods

If you have invited someone to eat at your home and are feeding them sweet kheer, then we are telling a very easy method to make kheer. Through which your gas will also be spent less, kheer will be prepared sooner and its taste will also be amazing.

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First of all, cook the rice in a cooker. First method, after this, mix milkmaid in boiled milk and put rice in it. Now cook them till 2-3 boils come. Add cardamom powder and roasted dry fruits on top.

Apart from this, another way is that you put milk, rice and sugar in the cooker and cook it till one whistle comes. Remove the lid and add roasted dry fruits and cardamom powder and cook till it comes to two boils. This will make your kheer very tasty. Both time and gas will also be saved.

Rice will be fed
It often happens that when the guests come, our rice becomes wet and starts sticking. In such a situation, before making rice, put two spoons of ghee or oil in the cooker. Due to this the rice will not stick together and it will become delicious too.

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Make Tasty Dal like this
There are many people who make lentils but they do not taste it. In this case, you do not need to worry at all. Before making dal, soak it in water for some time and keep it. This will make pulses quicker, which will save gas and time. Now to make delicious dal, first of all add tempering to the dal. To enhance the taste of lentils, you can also roast it a little first. Apart from this, before putting the lid of the cooker to make lentils, cook it like this for some time. Due to this, the water of the lentils will not fall and the lentils will also become delicious.

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