If you want to eat flavourful, colorful softies, then come to ‘Softy Boy Ice Cream’ on Ajmal Khan Road.

Famous Food Shops in Delhi: If you leave in front of this shop, you will feel as if you are standing outside a street food outlet of a western country. Colorful shop, dazzling pictures and many softie machines installed there. White, orange, blue ice cream is coming out from these machines, they are being filled in the cone. When they are presented to you and you take a bite, you will realize that there is hardly a shop with such great flavors anywhere else in the capital of the country, Delhi.

A youth created this outlet system as a startup. Today three such outlets are running in the capital. Big thoughts of this young man. He is making a lot of effort to move forward by doing many experiments in this profession of ice cream.

Standing outside the outlet of ‘Softy Boy Ice Cream’, it is like standing outside the street food outlet of the western country.

shop opened on foreign lines

We are talking about the outlet of ‘Softy Boy Ice Cream’. This shop has just opened a few months ago on Ajmal Khan Road, a big shopping market in Karol Bagh. Looking at this shop opened on foreign lines, it seems that when there is so much glitter, then the goods will also be different. Softies of many flavors are available here, including Vanilla, Blueberry, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Strawberry, Oreo.

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Softie of many flavors is available at the outlet of 'Softy Boy Ice Cream'.
Softy of many flavors is available at the outlet of ‘Softy Boy Ice Cream’.

When their ice cream is poured into the corn from the machine, the ‘taste’ comes in sight. Pink colored ice cream is coming out of some machine, blue from somewhere, brown from somewhere, and white from somewhere. You just eat it. If you want to add more color to the taste, then get choco dip done. Have fun

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‘Five in one glass’ is special

These machines of Softee are very modern. If you want softness of two colors and taste, then that too is present. Filling two ice creams in the same corn will go in your hand. They also have a tangy taste. It is called ‘five in one glass’, that is, ice cream of five flavors and colors together in the same glass. Its fun is just weird. All this ice cream is prepared with full cream milk and hygienic powder with different flavours. The price of all these luxurious and lively softies is between 20 to 50 rupees.

The price of softy on 'Softy Boy Ice Cream' ranges from Rs.20 to Rs.50.

The price of softy on ‘Softy Boy Ice Cream’ ranges from Rs.20 to Rs.50.

‘Everyone’s Happiness Place’ is the slogan

This outlet has been started by young Amit Nasa. Actually this is their startup. Four years ago he got into the ice cream business. Outlets are already running in Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar. Now four months ago the outlet was opened on Ajmal Khan Road. Alam is that in the evening there is a line for softy here. People eat and are happy. This is Amit’s own concept and everything is designed by himself. He has also written a slogan outside the shops that ‘Everyone’s happiness place.’ Be it really a child or a young or a senior citizen, everyone is happy to come to this outlet. He says that in Delhi he could not find colorful, tasty and quality softies of the same spot. He tried and the matter went on.

Work starts at 11 am and softy can be enjoyed at 10330 pm. There is no holiday.

Nearest Metro Station: Karol Bagh

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