If you want to set thick curd like ice cream, then use these 2 things

How To Make Thick CurdEating curd in the summer season is beneficial in many ways. Along with keeping our body cool, it also improves our digestion and helps in easy digestion of any kind of food. For this, many people buy curd from the market and eat it, while many people make curd themselves at home. Homemade curd is considered to be more fresh and healthy, due to which doctors also recommend homemade curd more than the curd bought from the market. But making curd at home is not easy for everyone. If you also want to make perfect curd at home, then here we can help you. This curd will be tasty and thick like ice cream which you can enjoy with family.

Ingredients for Yogurt
Half liter full cream milk.
-Two spoons of sourdough.
– One teaspoon milk powder.
– Half teaspoon corn flour.

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curd setting recipe
Take full cream milk in a cup and add half a teaspoon of corn flour and a teaspoon of milk powder to it.
Stir it until it is mixed well.
Now take full cream milk in a vessel and pour the cup’s solution in it. Run it till then. Remember that there should not be any lumps in it.
Now put this milk on the gas to heat up and keep stirring. Take care that it does not stick to the bottom.
When it comes to a boil, then turn off the gas. You will see that it has become thicker than normal milk.
Now keep the milk at room temperature to cool down.

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Now take out the sour curd in a bowl and add some water to it.
When the milk is lukewarm, then add this water mixed sour cream in it and stir it well.
Now put it in the vessel in which you want to set curd.
Keep it covered in a warm place for 4 to 5 hours.
Keep the curd in the fridge after 4 to 5 hours.
Now when you want to eat curd, cut it and serve it.
Your curd will be as thick as the market and the taste will also be wonderful.

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