Indian Air Force: The IAF Day, Motto And The List of Ranks in Indian Air Force With Strength

October 8, is celebrated as the Indian Air Force day every year. In 1932, the supreme soldiers of the sky ie ‘Bhartiya Vayu Sena’ officially came into existence at the time when India was governed under British rule.

The Indian Air Force day is celebrated with full pride and glory by an air show of the magnificent show of the most crucial and Vintage aircrafts.

Heads of Indian Air Force

In India the Supreme Commander of Armed forces is none other than the President. After the President, there is the Chief of Air Staff, designated as Air Chief Marshal who is responsible for the operational command of the Air Force.

Air chief marshal is the highest active rank with 4 stars in the Indian Air Force. Currently the position is held by Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari,

Motto of Indian Air Force

The motto of IAF is, “Touch the Sky With Glory” or Nabha:sparshm brightam,
The motto is taken from the eleventh chapter of Geeta where lord Krishna is giving the discourse to Arjuna with his Supreme divine form touching the Sky With glory, evoking fear and loss of self-control in the mind of Arjuna. In Sanskrit is it written as;

Indian Air Force Ranks

IAF stands on Rank 4 among the strongest Air forces in the world with over 170,000 personnel in service. Joining IAF is a matter of pride to which almost every child dreams about. During childhood, when a child sees an airplane in the sky, then a desire to become a pilot awakens in his mind. That’s what most kids say, I’ll grow up to be a Pilot”. This dream turns into a wish to join the Air Force, when they see fighter planes roaring in the sky. Talking about India only few people get this golden opportunity to serve the nation in the skies.

If you also want to be a part of the most prestigious armed forces in the world, you should have an idea of ​​ranks first. So here we are presenting you the list of ranks in the Indian Air Force which was presented by the Ministry of Défense in March 2022. The list also consists of the strength against all the ranks.

List of Ranks in Indian Air Force with Borne Strength

List of Airmen


Borne Strength
(status as on 1st March, 2022)

(i) MWO 2698
(ii) WO 5420
(iii) JWO 9873
(iv) SGT 46037
(v) CPL 49127
(vi) LAC 23134
(vii) AC 2705
Total 138994

List Of IAF officers (Excluding Medical & Dental Branch)


Borne Strength
(status as on 1st March, 2022)

(i) Air Chief Marshal 1
(ii) Air Marshal 27
(iii) Air Vice Marshal 75
(iv) Air Commodore 222
(v) Group Captain 1019

Wing Commander

(vii) Squadron Leader 3822

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