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Janmashtami Special Panjiri Recipe: Offer ‘Panjiri’ to Laddu Gopal on Janmashtami, prepare this way

Panjiri Recipe: On the day of Janmashtami, Lord Krishna’s favorite dishes should be offered to him. It is known to all that Kanha liked butter the most. Apart from this, the panjiri made of flour and ghee was also very much liked by God. This is the reason why most people try to please Laddu Gopal by making panjiri to offer bhog on this special occasion. This is the famous dish, without which all Indian festivals and pujas are incomplete. Panjiri is a delicious dish made from flour cooked with dry fruits, makhana and gum. It is also the offering of worship, everyone likes it very much. You can prepare it as prasad for worship on Janmashtami.

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Ingredients needed for Panjiri
500 grams wheat flour
500 grams pure desi ghee
200 grams magaz seeds
100 grams whole almonds
1 tbsp ajwain
1/2 tsp dry ginger powder
50 grams makhana
1 kg sugar or boora
100 grams edible gum

The easiest way to make Panjiri
1. First of all, keep the pan on the gas. Add some ghee to it and then forget the gum well on low flame. Until it becomes crisp. Then take it out and keep it in a vessel.
2. Now put this gum in a mixer and grind it. Then put some ghee in the pan and fry the makhanas till they turn brown. After this, roast the almonds and magaj (dried seeds). Fry all the dry fruits in ghee.
3. Keep the dry fruits aside. Then put flour and carom seeds in the pan and fry them on low flame till it becomes light golden. When the flour is completely roasted, then add the fried dry fruits to it. Then turn off the gas. Now wait a while.
4. When the dough cools down a bit, then add ghee and boora to it and mix it well. In this way your panjiri is ready for enjoyment. You can offer it to Laddu Gopal.

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