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Jeera Paratha Recipe: Try Jeera Paratha with Curd for breakfast, easy recipe

Jeera Paratha Recipe: In most of our homes, parathas are eaten as breakfast in the morning. Paratha may be considered a heavy food, but all its varieties are full of taste. Whether it is potato paratha, onion paratha, cabbage paratha or paneer paratha. One such variety of paratha is Jeera Paratha. Jeera Paratha can be tasted with curd in breakfast. Along with adults, children will also like it. Many times, due to the busy schedule of the morning, there is not much time to make breakfast, in such a situation, Jeera Paratha is instant.
gets dressed. There is no need to prepare anything separately to eat Jeera Paratha. If you want, you can eat it with curd or chutney also.

Jeera Paratha is delicious. Also it gets digested easily. If you want to eat cumin paratha for breakfast and have not made it at home yet, then you can make it by following our recipe.

Ingredients for making Jeera Paratha
Wheat flour – 1 bowl
Cumin – 1/2 tsp
Red chili powder – 1/4 tsp
Garam Masala – 1/4 tsp
Chaat masala – 1/2 tsp
Oil – 2 tbsp
Salt – as per taste

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How to make Jeera Paratha
To make Jeera Paratha, sieve the flour in a mixing bowl. Now add water little by little and knead the dough and keep it covered with a cloth for some time. After some time take the dough and knead it once again. After this make dough balls. Now take a ball and roll it a little. After this, add cumin, red chili, chaat masala, garam masala and a little oil and make a dough of it again. Now once again roll the dough giving the shape of a paratha.

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After rolling the paratha, take a nonstick pan/tawa and keep it to heat on the gas on medium flame. Put some oil on it and spread it around the pan. Now put the rolled paratha on it and let it roast. After some time the paratha becomes golden then flip it. Now roast the paratha by applying oil on the other side. Roast the paratha till it turns golden brown from both the sides. Now take out the paratha in a separate plate. Similarly prepare all the parathas. Now serve Jeera Paratha with curd in breakfast.

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