Lucknow:- The journey of Dussehri Mango started 200 years ago from this tree, know the interesting story of Mother of Mango Tree

Report – Anjali Singh Rajput

There is an old village in Kakori, adjacent to Lucknow, whose name is Dussehri. The specialty of Dussehri village is that there is a historical tree here, which is said to be about two to two and a half years old. The name of this tree is Dussehri. Yes, of the village. The name is also Dussehri and also the name of this tree. Now you will ask how did it get its name? So let me tell you that the villagers say that when mango came on this tree for the first time, the villagers together named it Dussehri after the name of the village. Since then Dussehri mango was born and today Dussehri mango is of Lucknow. Identity has been made. The taste of Dussehri mango is very different from other mangoes, then its demand is highest. Villagers say that this entire village was adopted by the Samajwadi government, then there was a lot of development. Present government If attention is paid to this tree and this village, then it can become a big tourist destination. This will also benefit the government and the development of the village will also happen. Ramchandra, a resident of the same village says that no one knows that How old is this tree. But the mango of this tree is not sold.

People also consider this tree to be a miraculous tree.

Resident Zahid Ali says that the tree is years old. Since childhood till date, there is no change in it. Chhotelal Kanojia, a resident of the same village, says that this tree is the identity of Dussehri village. Stole the branch of the tree and took it to Malihabad and he made Dussehri mango famous in Malihabad. Actually Dussehri mango is the identity of Dussehri village and not of Malihabad. Also they say that this tree is a miraculous tree. There was a time When this tree was completely dry but then suddenly it became green. Similarly, there are different views among the villagers about this tree but this tree is amazing.

People also come from Bollywood to see it

The villagers told that many big actors from Bollywood industry have also come to see this tree. go.

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