Mango Kheer Recipe: Try Mango Kheer Recipe to make the summer cool

Mango Kheer: Kheer is one such dish, which is liked by almost every member of the family. There is also a lot of trend of eating cold kheer in the summer season. In such a situation, today we have brought for you, a different recipe of Kheer, which you and the rest of the foodies will eat with gusto. You must have eaten rice kheer in many ways, today we have brought for you the recipe of Mango Kheer.

Apart from making things like sweet-ripe mango shake or smoothie available in the market, you can also try this dish. Keep it in the fridge to cool down, then its taste comes even better. This wonderful kheer can be eaten till the next morning in the morning. However, considering the heat, avoid storing it in excess. It takes very less time to make it. Let’s know the recipe of Mango Kheer.

Mangoes – 3 (ripe sweet mangoes)
Milk – 1 liter
Khoya – 200 grams
Fresh cream – 2 tbsp
Cashew – 2 tbsp
Almonds – 1 tbsp
Custard Powder – 1 tbsp
Sugar – 250 grams
Kewra water – 4 drops

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How to make Mango Kheer
Wash and clean the mango. Separate the peels and take out its pulp and grind it in a mixer. Take out the paste made mango in a vessel. Put the milk to boil. When the milk boils, then add khoya to it. Now add finely chopped dry fruits. Put custard powder in a bowl and add a cup of water and mix it well, so that the custard dissolves well. Pour this solution into the boiling milk and keep stirring on low flame till the milk becomes thick.

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Now add sugar to it. Add the ground paste of mango and keep stirring the milk, so that the mango mixes well with the milk. Now turn off the gas and add kewra water to the mango kheer. To get better taste, add finely chopped pieces of ripe mango to this kheer. Now keep the kheer in the fridge to cool down and after 2 to 3 hours serve the kheer cold.

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