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Mint chutney will be healthy and tasty, know 4 different ways to make it

Pudina Chutney Recipe : In summer, mint chutney becomes a part of our plate. Mint chutney not only enhances the taste of food, but it is also beneficial for health in many ways. Mint acts as an anti-acid and helps in digestion. Apart from this, mint also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which work to reduce any kind of inflammation and infection in the body.

Eating mint chutney maintains the pH balance of the intestines, which cools the stomach. Consumption of mint chutney also reduces the risk of nausea, vomiting and stomach infection. In such a situation, if you want to make mint chutney even more healthy, then make this chutney by mixing some things. Along with enhancing the taste of mint chutney, it also enhances its properties.

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with tomatoes
Tomatoes contain vitamin C, which helps a lot in increasing the immunity of the body. Mint also has anti-bacterial properties which helps in preventing infection. In this way, if chutney is made by mixing both of them together, then it is beneficial for health.

Make it like this – Grind mint with tomato and keep it. Now for tempering, heat a spoonful of oil and add mustard seeds to it and add tempering to the chutney. Add salt to the chutney and serve.

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with onions
Onion chutney with mint changes the taste of the mouth during pregnancy. In some women, this chutney helps in reducing the problems of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. Actually, onion increases the production of digestive enzymes and due to which your food gets digested faster. Although it is not necessary that this recipe is suitable for every pregnant woman, so do any experiment related to eating during pregnancy only with the permission of the doctor.

Make it like this – Peel an onion and mix 1 teaspoon mustard oil, salt and mint leaves and grind it in a mixer. Now add asafetida and green chili tempering on top of it. Chutney is ready.

with garlic
Garlic is very beneficial and elements like potassium, calcium are found in it which help in keeping the body healthy. Mint and garlic both have anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful in reducing joint pain.

Make it like this – Grind mint, carom seeds and garlic together and add a little salt to it. Chutney is ready.

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with yogurt

Yogurt increases the good bacteria in the body. On the other hand, mint balances the pH of the stomach and is helpful in removing acidity. Together, these two improve metabolism and help in keeping the stomach healthy.

Make it like this – First of all take a bowl of fresh curd. Wash and clean mint leaves and mix them in curd. Add 2 green chilies on top. Add a teaspoon of salt. Add roasted black pepper and cumin seeds to it. Now grind them all together. Chutney is ready.

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