Mouse actor Lee Seung Gi denies breakup rumors with girlfriend Lee Da In

South Korean actor Lee Seung Gi has denied breakup rumors with his girlfriend, actor Lee Da In. The K-drama stars have reportedly been dating since the end of 2020. In a long post on his official website, Lee Seung Gi wrote, “I’m opening up after much consideration as the past year has been a year that lacked communication and hurt each other. “ Also Read| Mouse actor Lee Seung-gi and Hwarang star Lee Da-in are dating, agency confirms

“I have been staying quiet despite many turmoils because first of all, I thought emotional words could undermine the clarity of my thoughts. I was afraid it would only leave a bigger and deeper wound. Secondly, I was afraid communication between us could be easily distorted by the outsiders and result in even more rumors and gossip. So please understand why I have not released any statement despite continued requests from some of you,” he continued while addressing his fans.

“I have no change in status or stance after the relationship news last year. I did not feel the need to further address that part but I apologize if this made you feel cold-shouldered. Please blame my flaw as a person and I ask for your understanding,” he added.

Last year, Lee Da In’s agency confirmed reports about dating the Mouse actor. They said in a statement, “After checking with Lee Da In herself, Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi started meeting as co-workers in the industry around five or six months ago, grew feelings, and are carefully getting to know each other. We ask for you to send them your support and affection so the two can continue meeting each other well.”

Lee Seung Gi made his debut as a singer in 2004 and later made his acting debut. He will be next seen in the drama series Law Cafe. Lee Da In, on the other hand, is the daughter of veteran actor Kyeon Mi Ri. She was last seen in the 2020 show Alice.

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