Suji Manchurian Recipe: Kids will like Suji Manchurian if prepared in this way.

Suji Manchurian Recipe: These days Manchurian is very much liked as a street food. Even though it is very tasty to eat fast food, but it is not considered good in terms of health, although this food dish is very popular among children. If Manchurian is served in front of children, then they do not need anything else. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you how to make semolina Manchurian instead of traditional Manchurian, which will also be good for the health of children. You can serve it in breakfast also. Children will also not miss to praise after eating their favorite dish in a new flavor.
Generally, flour is used to make Manchurian, but it is harmful for the stomach, so instead of maida balls, we will prepare semolina balls. Sooji Manchurian is a delicious recipe that can be prepared easily.

Ingredients for making Suji Manchurian

For the Semolina Balls
Semolina – 1 bowl
Onion – 1
Capsicum – 1/2
Red chili powder – 1/2 tsp
Turmeric – 1 pinch
Salt – as per taste

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to make gravy
Onion – 2
Capsicum – 1
Tomato Sauce – 2 tsp
Soya Sauce – 1 tsp
Schezwan Chutney – 2 tsp
Arrowroot – 1 tsp
Green chili – 2
Black pepper powder – 1/2 tsp
Garlic finely chopped – 5 cloves
Red chili powder – 1/2 tsp
Salt – as per taste

How to make Suji Manchurian
To make Suji Manchurian, first we will prepare Manchurian Balls. For this, finely chop the onion and capsicum. Now put some oil in a pan, add chopped onion and capsicum and fry both on low flame. It will take about 5 minutes for both to become soft. Now add red chili powder, turmeric and salt as per taste and mix it well with a ladle. Now add semolina to it and fry the mixture well. Mix a little water and after it cools down, prepare the balls and fry them.

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Manchurian balls taste very tasty even without gravy. After frying the balls of all the mixture, now start the process of making gravy for Manchurian. For this, first put oil in a pan and keep it to heat on medium flame. When the oil becomes hot, add finely chopped garlic, onion, capsicum, green chili and fry them all for 5 minutes.
When onion and capsicum become soft, then add black pepper powder, red chili powder, tomato sauce, soy sauce, schezwan chutney and salt as per taste and mix all well. After this add a cup of water to the gravy. After cooking for some time, put arrowroot in it. Keep in mind that the arrowroot has to be diluted in a spoonful of water and put in the gravy. After cooking the gravy for 2-3 minutes, add Manchurian balls and mix it well. Now cook it for 5 more minutes. Delicious sooji manchurian for breakfast is ready.

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