The taste of many flavored shikanji will not be found anywhere else, come and drink at ‘Sardarji Shikanji Wale’ in Karol Bagh, see VIDEO

Sardar ji shikanji vale: Nowadays the heat has increased in the summer. So much perspiration is coming out that the body and mind keeps on demanding water continuously. In such a situation, if you get cold-cold Shinkji to drink, then the heart-mind-body starts feeling cool. If we say that Shikanji is the old beverage to keep the body cool during summer, then it will not be wrong. The age-old shikanji trend continues even today.

The only change is that earlier only lemon shikanji was available, now many fun flavors have come in it. Today we are going to take you to a similar Shikanji shop, where the flavor of it fascinates.

Shikanji works to give relief in deadly heat
Everyone knows the heat of Delhi. First there is dry summer, in which the heat wave moves. After that the deadly heat of sultry starts. There are many measures in the capital to prevent them. If you get ice cream somewhere, cold cold drinks, chilled water bottles can also quench your thirst. It’s going to be hot these days. The only way to avoid this is to continuously supply water to the body. Or drink something that will fulfill the lack of water in the body for a long time. For that we take you on ‘Sardarji Shikanji Wale’. There is a place named Tanga Stand in Raigarpura of Karol Bagh, now there is no tonga, but the name is there. This is where this shop is. Nowadays, there is a crowd of people who drink shikanji at this shop.

The shop of ‘Sardar Ji Shikanji Wale’ is in Raigarpura of Karol Bagh.

There are many types of shikanji available
About eight types of shikanji are available in this shop. These include Banta Lemon, Mint, Mango Pana, Orange, Cumin, Rose, Rooh Afza etc. The method of making shikanji is wonderful. Flavor of choice is poured into the glass, after adding special spices, filter water, ice inside it, it is closed in a plastic jar and shaken a lot. Then the vibrating shikanji is introduced into the glass by pouring it. As soon as it is drunk, the cold reaches even in the soul. If you want, you can enjoy this flavor in soda too. Depending on the size, there is a glass ranging from Rs 10 to Rs 50. Everything very fresh. Coolness in body and mind is coolness.

Secret masala is put in the shikanji
This Shikanji Lemon is being sold here for almost 60 years. In the year 1960, Sardar Rajendra Singh Dua gave the taste of fresh shikanji to the people at this chowk for about 45 years. In the year 2009, the adjacent shop was taken. Now his son Surendra Singh Dua is running this shop. He said that this is our family work. That’s why all the flowers were discovered on their own. If people liked it, then added more flavors. Your secret is spice. It is also sold separately. He told that Papaji had started a tradition that the needy children of government schools should be given free pen-pencils. This work continues.

Many types of flavors are available at the shop of 'Sardar Ji Shikanji Wale'.

Many types of flavors are available at the shop of ‘Sardar Ji Shikanji Wale’.

The shop opens at 10 am and shikanji can be enjoyed till 10 pm. Shikanji is available from Holi to Diwali and dry fruits are sold from Diwali to Holi. There is no holiday. One can reach the shop from Karol Bagh metro station.

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