Types of watermelon varieties that are grown in India

Come summers and the one thing that comes in abundance is watermelons. It is one of the juiciest and sweetest fruits that comes in summers and a perfect cooler for the scorching hot season. Be it a smoothie, popsicle or even juice, one can make anything with it. If you like doing creativity in your kitchen, then you can make gazpacho with it even. Or go the easy way possible, just cut it into pieces and enjoy it with some black salt. Watermelon is known to be super-rich in vitamin C and contains plenty of potassium, copper, vitamin B5, and vitamin A. No doubt, watermelons are enjoyed by people of any age group. Here are the types of watermelon explained by Varun Khurana, who is the Founder & CEO of Otipy. Otipy buys watermelons from farmers who are using Mulching technology for growing watermelons. This leads to sustainable farming & better produce in terms of product safety & sweetness. (Image courtesy: istock)

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